Incentive to get on the treadmill daily

Ugh exercise. What’s that? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well maybe you do actually have time for that!

My incentive to get on the treadmill daily is…that I get to binge watch my favourite shows while doing my cardio exercise!

The easiest way to make cardio more enjoyable I found was by putting my treadmill directly in view of my television.

Thirty minutes. An hour. Time flies when you are enjoying your favourite tv show. I set the treadmill at a comfortable pace at a steep incline and away I go catching up on episodes of Narcos, The Walking Dead, Fixer Upper, The Bachelor and of course Dateline NBC.

The days when I cannot seem to find alone time I still make an effort to hop on. I bring my daughters favourite toys and opt for a more kid friendly movie so she can enjoy it too. Let’s be honest though, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy Frozen or Finding Dory.


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