Sun safety tips you need to know to protect your skin from sun damage

Did you know that skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer? It is also the most preventable.

Practice these tips to prevent a future diagnose…

  • Always wear sunscreen every single day no matter what season. Look for Broad-Spectrum 30 SPF plus. Hypoallergenic. Reapply frequently especially when swimming or sweating.
  • Protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses with total UV protection.
  • Avoid the outdoors between 11AM and 3PM. This is when the sun is the strongest. Check your local weather for the UV index each day.
  • Always wear a hat! Long sleeved pants and shirts are also recommended.
  • Look for areas with large amounts of shade. If no shade is present then use an umbrella.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Check your skin regularly for suspicious spots. Get a professional opinion. Call your doctor and set up an appointment with a trained dermatologist.  Early detection is key. More on that below…

Our family’s favourite sun screen


Click this link to view the Canadian Dermatology Association’s approved sunscreen list.

Checking Your Skin Properly For Suspicious Spots

Using a bright light and mirrors check your skin from your head to toes. Even underneath your hair!

Look out for the “ugly duckling”

Look for the ABCDE warning signs

Asymmetry– If you were to cut your mole in half would both sides be equal?

Borders– Uneven edges

Colour– Various shades of different colours

Diameter– Greater than the size of a pencil eraser

Evolution– Has it changed in colour, shape or height?

Contact your family doctor or dermatologist right away if you find a spot that has these characteristics. Remember, early detection is very important and necessary!




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