Prayers for Barcelona and the people of the world

During my daily browsing of world news I came across an amazing and touching story. A young Yazidi boy was rescued from the ruins of Mosul. He was reunited in Canada with the family he had not seen in years. Very few good things have come from the war in the Middle East. This story made me smile. I love feel good stories. 

Then, up pops the bright red banner on the homepage. Breaking News. I get this sick feeling deep inside my stomach every time I see those words. An attack on innocent people going about their day, enjoying life, in the city that is Barcelona. On this day and on many days in the past, in all parts of the world, a human being decides to take just that away. The enjoyment of the one life we are all given. Such disgusting, unforgivable acts. The world instantly turns evil.

After the shock subsides, I realize it’s not the world that’s evil. Most of humanity is good. Right? We forgive, we laugh, we understand, we compromise, we empathize, we endure and most importantly we love. There is something different about these people though. These people were taught to hate. A hate so deep it could convince the most moral mind to make unmoral, barbaric and repulsive decisions. I feel bad for those people. To live with that hate inside. To never know how to love.

We must stand united as humans of this world against this hate. When hate pushes at us, we must push back with love even harder. 

Praying for the people affected in Barcelona and for everyone around the world who is and has been touched by this evil and hate. 

Love from Canada

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