Fall Bucket List

Sweater weather, football and all things pumpkin spice. Autumn is a magical season. It is also the sad end to decently nice weather here in Canada. Use this bucket list as a guideline to make the most out of Fall before Old Man Winter and The Grinch arrive (preferably fashionably late.)

1. Go apple picking- Apple picking may not sound super thrilling but it is actually so fun, especially for children. Fruit always seems to taste better when it’s picked fresh, right in front of your eyes.


2. Bake using apples- Apple pie, apple sauce, apple crumble and apple betty. The options are endless and guaranteed to be delicious. Grab your kids, make a mess and don’t forget to sample your tasty creations.

3. Play in the leaves- Playing in the leaves is so much fun for children (adult children and fur children alike.) It also makes for a great photo session opportunity.

4. Enjoy Mulled Wine by the bonfire- Bonfire season is not over yet, folks. Try Warm ‘N Cozy by Sprucewood Shores. This mulled wine can be purchased at the LCBO


5. Go for a walk and take in the view- There is something peaceful and beautiful about the changing leaves in the Fall. Choose a crisp evening and check out the bright reds, oranges and yellows. Enjoy the sound of leaves crunching beneath your sneakers.

6. Buy that book you’ve been wanting to read- Grab your favourite hot beverage, settle in to the couch and dive in to that alternative reality. I’m not judging if that alternative reality involves Christian Grey.


7. Finish a puzzle or play a board game- My husband and I have found a new passion for puzzles. Yes, this is indeed evidence that we are aging, but we love how it is something that we can complete together. When you finally fit that last tricky piece in, head over to the board game cupboard. Family Feud, Scrabble, Clue and Monopoly, to name a few.

8. Have friends and family over to watch football- Football seems to be on every…damn…day… in the fall. If we’re not watching Sofia the First or Paw Patrol, that means we must be watching football. Make a bunch of appetizers that you have been wanting to try out and pick up a keg. Kidding. Not kidding?

9. Visit your favourite local attractions- Some attractions operate seasonally. Chances are, they are still open in the Fall as well. Most places like the zoo and amusement parks, will have discounted admission rates. There is nothing wrong with saving a bit of money. Money, you will indeed spend later as Saint Nicholas.

10. Binge watch spooky movies- Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and when the kids are in bed, Scream! Figuratively and literally. Don’t forget to leave a light on before bed. 

Get out there, enjoy the weather, the pumpkin spice lattes, and everything great about Fall!



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