Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

I don’t normally listen to podcasts, but when I do, I listen to Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe on PodcastOne. 


If you are a fan of ABC’s The Bachelor Franchise, then I am sure you are a fan of Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn was my favourite contestant and bachelorette on the show. She is hilarious, real, relatable and not to mention, super gorgeous. She is also a fellow Canadian, so what’s not to love, eh? 

It has been a while since Kaitlyn’s season finale and unlike most relationships in the franchise, her engagement is going strong with her fiancé, Shawn Booth. I keep up with the them via the ‘gram. It is fun to watch them grow and evolve as a couple.


As you could of probably guessed, I was very excited when I heard Kaitlyn would be getting her very own podcast on PodcastOne. I have not been disappointed since. 

Every Tuesday, a new podcast is uploaded to her page. She hosts  various guests such as her fiancé, country music artists, fellow bachelor contestants and many more. This week Jillian Harris, former Bachelorette, is on the show. No topics are off limits. She has even been known to speak out about what happens behind the scenes in the franchise (for all my fellow Bachelor fans out there.)

Listening to the podcast is easy. Visit the website below and scroll through to check out all the previous podcasts she has done. Turn it on during your commute to work, or for me, while I am folding mountains of laundry.  It will be sure to put you in a great mood. You can also subscribe to receive email alerts when new podcasts are uploaded.

Be prepared to laugh hysterically. From giving roses on The Bachelorette, to the finest bottle of rose wine. Cheers to you, Kaitlyn!




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