A Sweet Way To Give Back To Local Charities

Get ready to smile! It’s that time of year again. This week from September 11-17th, Tim Horton’s is promoting their annual Smile Cookie event. For every Smile Cookie purchased, 100% of the proceeds go directly to local charities. 


For example, in London where I live, all the proceeds raised goes to these following charities;

  • Children’s Health Foundation
  • Food Banks Canada
  • Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation

Visit the website below learn more about the Smile Cookie Program. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to learn about what charities in your city will benefit from the campaign.


Smile Cookies can be purchased for $1.00 each at your local Tim Horton’s. For large quantities, call ahead to place an order. 


There are only 2 days left to get your very own Smile Cookie, so hurry on in.

Tim Horton’s makes it delicious, sweet, and such a treat to give back to our communities.


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