Artisan Jewel In Downtown London

Spageddy Eddy’s is a pasta lover’s haven. This family run and operated restaurant is a favourite among Londoners and other locals alike. Those looking for a delicious pasta dish, at a great price point, look no further. The portions are generous, the environment warm and inviting, and the service is amazing. IMG_7061


When we are craving pasta, this is where we go. No offence to East Side Mario’s, but you just can’t compare.



Everything is homemade, from their noodles, to their sauces. Best cream sauce ever. Just saying. Ingredients do not arrive in vacuum sealed packaging. They are fresh and you can taste the difference in their food.


My husband’s goto dish is the Seafood Fettuccini. This past weekend my husband decided to switch it up and he tried the Fettuccini Carbonara, by recommendation from our server.


Loaded with salty bacon, and succulent mushrooms and onions. Don’t forget to order the garlic bread with cheese. It is perfect for scooping up the sauce at the bottom of the bowl.


My goto dish is their Greek Salad. Why a salad at a pasta joint? The dressing. It is the best salad dressing I have ever tasted, hands down.


Loaded with a generous amount of fresh vegetables, crumbled feta and salty kalamata olives. This salad is indeed satisfying.


Satisfy your pasta craving with Spageddy Eddy’s. You will not be disappointed.


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