Favourite Hot Sauces

Hot sauce is like the grown up version of ketchup. Kind of like how wine is the adult version of fruit juice. Do you see where I am going with this? There is nothing hot sauce doesn’t taste good with. If there is, I am yet to be proven otherwise. French fries, pizza, chicken, rice, eggs, fish, and the list could go on. Yes, fish. Have you ever put Tabasco on your grilled salmon? Mind-blowing. At any given time we will have four different kinds of hot sauce in our refrigerator. There is a “special” dedicated shelf.

Over my years of consuming hot sauce, I have come to favour a few. Below you will learn more about my favourite three.

Tapatio –3,000 SHU

Tapatio has been a favourite among families since 1971 and is a nationwide leader among hot sauces. It’s flavour is unique and delicious with the right amount of heat. It can be found in most local superstores in Mexico, the US, Canada, Central America and others.



Cholula- 3,600 SHU

Produced in Jalisco, Mexico, this hot sauce is rich in flavour and in Mexican heritage. Cholula is the result of the hard work and love of three generations. Look for the iconic wooden cap when you are out shopping, as Cholula can be found in many grocers in the United States and Canada.



Tabasco- 2,000 SHU

Tabasco has been enjoyed in households across America since 1868. Yes, 1868! It is a versatile sauce that can be used on fish, homemade sauces and a Canadian favourite, the Caesar cocktail. My American friends may know it as a Bloody Mary.



Are any of these your favourites? What is your goto hot sauce? Let me know below in the comments!






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