Does Santa Leave Wrapped or Unwrapped Gifts On Christmas Eve?

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when we can use Santa as a motivation for our children to listen better or clean up their toys after playtime. 

I have always loved Christmas, but I love it even more (if that is even possible) as a mom. Nothing compares to seeing the pure joy on the faces of children on Christmas morning.

Now as a parent, I also tend to overthink about every critical decision I make, like being Santa. Am I doing this right?

Which brings me to this very important question. Does Santa bring gifts that are wrapped or unwrapped on Christmas Eve?

As a child, I received gifts from Santa that were unwrapped and presents from my parents, wrapped. My husband’s childhood experience was the opposite.

For the last four Christmases, Santa has left our daughter unwrapped gifts, but she starts school soon, and kids talk (so I hear.) I am curious to see if that is a topic on the playground or in the classroom. I hope I am doing this right!

So how about you? Does Santa leave unwrapped or wrapped gifts at your house on Christmas Eve? Comment below. I am excited to see what you have to say!


4 thoughts on “Does Santa Leave Wrapped or Unwrapped Gifts On Christmas Eve?

  1. In our house Santa wrapped his presents, however, he ALWAYS used paper with santa himself on it. A friend of the family always used red and white stripe paper for santa gifts. The trick is to keep whatever tradition you have decided on consistant year to year whether that means wrapped or unwrapped. (My mom left santa gifts unwrapped but since I loved unwrapping gifts as a child I decided ours would be wrapped)

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  2. I received wrapped gifts from both Santa and my parents, but they always made sure to use different wrapping paper and handwriting. I think as long as mom and Santa don’t wrap their gifts the exact same, it will be okay!

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  3. As a kid now i always get gifts unwrapped. i think that is the best way to go because with wrapping the gifts it means getting a different wrapping paper but with not wrapping the gifts it saves money and time on wrapping but it just makes more sense to leave them unwrapped.


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